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Modular is a Florida, USA based residential and commercial modular house company. Modular takes and transforms High Cube containers into beautiful houses, apartment complexes or small office/business buildings. “Modular” is a construction method that  involves constructing sections of a building away from the site, and then transported to the desired location. Our Modulars’s can be placed side by side, stacked, end-to-end, which allows for infinite variety of configurations and styles. We also offer many “add-on’s” to your already placed Modulars which allows for future expansion of your estate. 


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Our specialization

We specialize in creating modular residential and commercial l buildings, created from HC containers which can be delivered to any point in the world in a short period of time.

 So why choose modular building instead of conventional construction

Any where in the world

Due to ease of transportation, our houses can be placed and serviced in many remote locations, where conventional construction methods would not work

Time for construction

When you purchase our product, you buy a.ready product that will be delivered to your desired location in no time, which means no hassle with long construction time and faster return on your investment

Sustainably developed

All of our modulars, are sustainably developed, and are considered to be 60% more environmentally friendly then conventional construction methods

Future Add-on's

In "Modular" we provide you with opportunity to expand on your living or commercial space with, special pre engineered add-ons , that you can purchase at any given point, and connect to you existing facility

Pre furnished and Ready

We offer an option for you to receive your house fully pre furnished and ready to use, With a huge selection of finishes, everyone will find a Modular for them.


We provide the highest quality of service, and use the best quality materials for your living or working space. All so you can truly enjoy your living space and be sure that everything is done to the highest standard

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Our recent projects

Below you can see some of the custom jobs that our costumer have requested from us, around the world. Let us add your dream get-away home to our list of projects.


Jerome Hurtak


If your looking for a company that delivers excellent results, and prioritizes their customers desires above everything else you came to the right place to get you next home.

Natalya radkeyevich


Awesome job, awesome people. Those guys really love what they do, and do it from the bottom of their heart, which brings amazing results. My family always dreamed about a small vacation house, so we decided to order “Vendi” to be placed on one of our land lots in Naples FL. The result exceeded all of our expectations. 

Our expert team

With over 30 years of experience behind our shoulders, we are here to change the future landscape of construction and provide you with best quality product on the market 

Dr. Hakan Senaltan


Timur Senaltan